February 2024: Quinnect Group acquires InCompanyMedia.

February 2024: our next shows are Avant Premiere in Berlin and Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Let us know if you want to meet.

January 2024: Feyenoord One launched with our help.

January 2024: We are CES in Las Vegas. Let us know if you want to meet.

November 2023: Sky Live launches interactive Karaoke with Stingray.

November 2023: Stingray and XITE in the music section of Samsung TV Plus in USA.

October 2023: KLM introduces The Reading Corner in their flight entertainment

August 2023: Stingray Karaoke in the cars of BYD.

August 2023: The Tennis Channel new FAST version for Spain.

July 2023: Fit at Home launches a subscription video on demand app with Virgin Media in the UK.

June 2023: The Reading Corner launches multi languages videos with the National Library in NL.

February 2023: we will be going to Mobile World Congress in Barcelona and to EuroShop in Dusseldorf.

January 2023: The Reading Corner launches with Hoopla, to get access to all libraries in USA.

December 2022: launch of All Good Vibes music bundle from Stingray at Amazon Channels in Germany.

November 2022: launch of Stingray audio channel Great Holiday Hits on Samsung TV Plus in NL, Sweden and Germany.

October 2022: back on the road, we will be at IBC in Amsterdam, MIPCOM in Cannes and Telemedia in Marbella.

September 2022: Synchronized TV will showcase the full capabilities of its Smart-Video platform at IBC 2022. Let us know if you want to meet. Several use cases already live at TF1 and M6 in France.

September 2022: The interview film “Henny Vrienten in his own words” on the Music Film festival, produced by Faceculture.

August 2022: Stingray Classica FAST live at Pluto TV in France. Also Qello FAST on Pluto TV in Spain, and Naturescape in Italy.

July 2022: no penalty fee for Voetbal TV for privacy.

May 2022: New Google Play and IOS apps and website available for The Reading Corner. Ready to roll it out in more countries.

April 2022: Cutting the cord also grows over here, following USA, getting to more than 10%. As more and more streamers available in The Netherlands, with new SVOD launches HBO Max, Viaplay, Amazon Channels and Disney+ next to new FAST launches of Samsung TV Plus, Rakuten, Pluto and Amazon Freevee.

March 2022: Stingray music FAST channels available in the new app of Rakuten TV in the Netherlands and other European countries.

February 2022: The international version of the The Tennis Channel is live on Samsung TV Plus in the Netherlands.

February 2022: Media Bridges helps with the sales and deployment of Synchronized TV studio. Let us know if you want to have a demo and do a proof of concept.

January 2022: Stingray adds new AI research tool Chatter to his business services.

December 2021: Multi language movies for DeVoorleeshoek.

November 2021: new series on SmartFarming on Volta TV.

October 2021: Blackpills get more distribution across Europe. Telenet, NENT, Telefonica, SFR, Free, Bouygues. Let us know if you want to know more about Blackpills.

September 2021: Faceculture launches new format Iconic Albums.

August 2021: DeVoorleeshoek launched at Amazon in NL.

July 2021: Tesla renewed contract with Stingray for Caraoke. High usage! See Taylor Swift and ZZ Top on Tesla Caraoke.

June 2021: first targetted ads Lidl, Discovery+ and Aegon on Stingray Karaoke FAST on Samsung TV Plus.

May 2021: Stingray launched Karaoke FAST on Samsung TV Plus in the Netherlands. Also on Rakuten.

May 2021: 2 kids cooking books out from the Cooking Corner together with publisher Clavis.

March 2021: interesting SXSW week online. See notes from our buddies from Sport Innovation Studio.

March 2021: looking into new cases for AI for broadcast with the experts from ML6. Like the video created for

February 2021: Soon Media launched new website with content marketing cases with video.

February 2021: Whitepaper available on video in the e-learning, brought by EuMediaNet and Kinly.

February 2021: Faceculture launched membership and supporter on Youtube. Every Friday livestream Q&A with artists.

February 2021: After Stingray Qello, also Stingray Karaoke launched on Amazon Channels in Spain, Italy and The Netherlands.

January 2021: The Reading Corner in NL available via loyalty program Airmiles in NL.

January 2021: Tesla adding new screen in the back for entertainment and games.

January 2021: Pluto TV from Viacom with FAST channels will launch in France on Febr 8th. Launched already in UK, Germany and Spain. Including channels from Stingray.

December 2020: New ad and sponsor sales house for TV channels in NL started: Bionic Media. One of our partners.

December 2020: Samsung TV Plus expands to 12 countries with 740 channels. In May 2021 available in NL.

December 2020: Gigabit internet available at more than 5,5 miljoen addresses in The Netherlands.

November 2020: The (Any)Thing new concept your own private cinema. 2-5-7 seats, order your movie via the app and pick a slot. From the founders of Pathe Thuis.

November 2020: processing privacy date is unlawful. In some cases not. VoetbalTV finally won the case.

November 2020: Amazon Video Channels is launched in Spain, Italy and The Netherlands. Including Stingray Qello (and soon also Stingray Karaoke).

October 2020: Vevo partners with Dutch Music Video platform XITE to launch new Apple TV app. See also the Dutch news.

September 2020: Interesting read on key findings Digital News Report 2020 with some findings on covid impact on news consumption.

August 2020: last 2 months 40.000 online classes created in software from EuMediaNet at Erasmus University in Rotterdam.

August 2020: the Dutch Cooking Corner live for the kids. Set up by The Reading Corner and Soon Media. The first cooking book for kids will be launched beginning 2021.

May 2020: First covid movie “Op Gepaste Afstand” released on Pathe Thuis.

April 2020: InCompanyMedia offers several free propositions for care homes and hospitals during the corona crisis: DPlay from Discovery, Beweeg TV from Omroep Max and Cordaan, NatuurTV and Polygoon TV.

April 2020: more than 50.000 families signed up for the free period of the Reading Corner in the Netherlands.

April – May 2020: IedereenLive (= EverybodyLive) is launched on social and TV at KPN and Ziggo.

March 2020: EumediaNet software to create your own videos in DIY booth is already used for 1100 online classes in the first week of the corona crisis.

January 2020: Suriname the first original for Pathe Thuis.

December 2019: Nice thematic SVODs are growing. CuriosityStream now serving more than 10 mio subs. AMC announces more than 2 mio subscribers for their 4 target SVODs. Stingray has 365.000 subs in Q3. Mainly in USA, coming to Europe as well.

November 2019: Stingray Caraoke is launched in Tesla.

September 2019: Faceculture launches Behind the Music concept.

August 2019: Disney and Apple announce the first countries for their SVOD launch. The war on content and subscribers has started.

May 2019: several new marketplaces for TV channels have been announced. Amazon, ROKU, XUMO, Philips, Apple and Samsung will launch in several countries.

October 2018, January and July 2019: More focus on addressable advertising. Several European broadcasters announce that they are working on solutions.

November 2018: Pathé Thuis T-VOD is biggest cinema in Holland.

October 2018: Wind Vision wins award at MIPCOM.

January 2017: The Netherlands: 88% watch digital; 37% have connected TV.

June 2016: Acht TV goes to Medialaan.

July 2015: Stingray buys the Brava channels.

November 2014: 24Kitchen goes to Fox.

December 2010: first try out TV over IP service in the Netherlands called Iphion.

April – August 2008: AD Sportwereld tests standalone Dutch Sport Newspaper.