Synchronized TV offers a Machine Learning/AI driven In-Video-Insights platform with easy to use Studio environment. The (live) video will be ingested and the meta data will frame by frame automatically be created. Several use-cases will be created based on different editorial rules in the studio. Some use-cases are automatic thumbnails creation, ad-markers, segmentation, pre-views, summaries, labeling, tagging, public figures detection within content. So it can help to reduce the time spend on editing, as well it can help to generate new revenues.

Media Bridges helps with the sales and deployment to broadcasters and OTT platforms across Europe. It can help defining (new) use cases with your editing team or to generate new revenue generating case with your commercial team. So far we are surprised with the better autmomatic created quality (than manual created thumbnails and previews), as well with new cases for advertising and conversions to subscriptions (with better ad markers, potential overlays and better previews and thumbnails)

Let us know if you want to have a demo of Synchronized Tv studio and to get help on a proof of concept of some use cases.