We have created several new video propositions. Most of the time started in The Netherlands and rolled out of the world afterwards. Pay TV propositions deployed on different platforms, on cable, satellite and IPTV networks, on different smart TV’s, on the new platfoms of Apple, Amazon and Google.

A good example is the launch of the successful home cinema propostion of Pathe Thuis. The blockbusters movies just out of cinema first available in your home. Via pay per view. Via several devices.

Another example is setting up a range of music TV channels. We set up the classical music channel Brava (now called Classica), jazz channel and the first 4K channel Festival 4K in Western Europe. Later on sold to Stingray and now available across the world. We have helped as well setting up Acht TV (sold to VTM), 24Kitchen (sold to Fox) and XITE.

If you are looking for the latest developments on social innovation, check out The Innovation Station. TIStv presents the best videos on innovation. Selected by our curators and our viewers. With original productions made by our network of independent producers. Showing innovations with social impact, in line with Substainable Development Goals.