As we are in the middle of the energy, telecom and media business, we hear and see every day new ideas. We like to grap these ideas and bring them into live products. First in a test market, to see if we can get them break even. If it works, we would like to look for other product market combinations and roll out it abroad.

In the beginning we were as consultants involved, now more often as one of the founders and shareholders. Over the years we have been involved in more than 15 start ups, some failed, some made it (all the way till an exit).

We are involved from the beginning in InCompanyMedia and EuMediaNet out of Maastricht. Mainly helping with business development. We are also involved the media startup De Voorleeshoek, after first good results in The Netherlands, now launched as The Reading Corner in the USA. One of our first start up was Monte Verdi, the classical music video portal. This one failed.