We are working for VodafoneZiggo to help with the roll out of the Giganet proposition. VodafoneZiggo combines the fixed network of Ziggo and the mobile network of Vodafone. This ‘GigaNet’ is becoming more stable, smarter and faster, with internet speeds of up to 1 Gigabit per second.

Superfast internet with download speeds of up to 1 Gbps is almost ten times faster than the average 100 Mbps connection in the Netherlands. With 1 Gbps, customers can watch ultrahigh-resolution 4K films and TV programmes virtually without limitation, download very large mega files and play games at super high speed. This means, for example, that a 5GB HD film can be downloaded in 42 seconds, compared with over 7 minutes via the average connection, or that an ultrahigh resolution 20GB 4K film can be downloaded in less than 3 minutes, instead of around half an hour. And that the newest 45GB game can be downloaded in six minutes, instead of the hour required at the speed provided by the average subscription. Moreover, this gigabit speed allows the entire family to be online with several devices simultaneously.