We work with several partners: we create new media concepts together. Starting from an idea going to a product. They have several ways of getting there. Online brainstorms, Dragons Den sessions, Productschool (in 12 steps from idea to product), Innovation Studio, Sport Innovation Talks and the online show Top Names interviewing every Tuesday 2 startups.

Merapar Technology, the software movement. They develop and advice in specialist domains such as Broadcast Innovation, Cloud Virtualisation and Big Data. In Energy, Telecom and Media. Like us. We often define the product and the business case and Merapar develops the solution.

Cult Crowd is a new venture capitalist firm for new media initiatives. They not only help with funding, but also give support on marketing and sales. Cult Crowd is currently involved in The Innovation Station, Volta TV, The Reading Corner, Soon Media and Faceculture.

Soon Media is a video production company. They develop video for online and TV, to tell your stories. They can set up a talkshow (to go) or create another live show. Iedereen Live is a concept from Soon Media.