About us

Media Bridges works where new services replace existing ones in the fields of the energy transition, telecom and media. We deliver consultancy to service providers, netwerk owners, content producers and owners. We work for companies throughout Europe out of The Netherlands.

Our main experience is in the field of creation, strategy and technology. Our strengths is not so much writing plans, but more the step by step implementation of new concepts.

Areas of expertise

  • Marketing of new products and services
  • Proposition & concept development
  • Energy, telecom and media transitions
  • Business Case & Funding
  • Buy & Build, Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Content acquisition & distribution

How can we help

  • Online and offline brainstorming
  • Step by step execution of plans
  • Project and interim product management
  • Social business case development
  • Fundings start ups, partner search for scale up and exits
  • Network of independent consultants